Laura Firefly is a romanian fashion designer brand dedicated to women who are passionate about special and remarkable pieces. We strive to make creations that resist in your collection for more than a season. We pay special attention to the design and fabric selection process and we create versatile clothing so you can enjoy them for a long time.

We know that each event of yours is special, that’s why we design our pieces in limited edition. Among the outstanding women who chose to wear our creations are Antonia, Delia, Alina Eremia, Alexandra Stan, Irina Rimes, Ilinca Vandici, Dana Rogoz, Adda, Andreea Balan, Andreea Banica, Giulia, Nicole Cherry, Jo.

The design and production of our pieces are entirely made in Bucharest, Romania. Through our fabric selection, production processes and recycling scraps we strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment and to encourage sustainability of the clothing design made in Romania.

„When I design I am always thinking of the few remarkable women that truly impressed me throughout my life, with their kindness, style, beauty and aura. ”

Laura Gherman

Laura designs clothes ever since she was a little girl. She studies fashion design at the University of Art and Design, travels in her gap year, works with brands like Moschino and Gianfranco Ferré, and sets LAURA FIREFLY, but still adores to draw like when she was a child. She is dressing the same woman she imagined when she was young. That woman is a strong individuality, a creative being, could be a mother, sister, artist at heart. She’s special, creative and loves to travel. She has an eclectic collection of memories, clothes, moments and knowledge that makes her so special that it’s hard to ignore her. Everyone knows who she is, everyone would like to be like her.

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